Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Year of the Orchid Horse

For the My Little Pony fans, that could be a great combination!

The Chinese Year of the Wood Horse is rumored to bring prosperity, creativity and quite a few positive things. And we are all about positive things!

This year, Pantone has determined 2014 to be Orchid the color of the year. One of our favorite plants, orchid is a soft purple that can be a great accent for most folks. It is a passionate color and mixing that with the perfect combination of fiber and spin is a lovely contribution to spring, summer and fall, depending on the other colors on the pallet.

At Fiber Company, it is not unusual to see us clustered around a button, a garment, throw, stack of yarn and color samples working to assemble the perfect color combination for this piece of fabric. We often go outside to find full-spectrum light to help assemble color combinations. The changes in season, indoor lighting vs. outside lights and the relationship of warm and cool colors is very important when designing a piece of fabric.

Different people are attracted to different colors depending on their personality types. Dyes that we use change with different yarn spins and types of yarn: bamboo, wool, cotton and silk. Color is a complex

and for us neverending subject of interest for us!

Many of our favorite fabrics are full of texture. Our fabrics are soft, drapable and often combines and layered. We enjoy creating fabrics, combining them and trying new color combinations. After all, when you are involved with such a process oriented fine craft as handweaving, dyeing and painting make it the way you want it to be!!!! When you come in to visit ask us to share the "Weaver's Handshake" .... we always look forward to sharing that one!

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