Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring at Fiber Company

May we tell you what we have in the shop for May? ;)

May is a great month for us in many ways.. it's the month of Mother's Day- a time to celebrate your mom, your kids, nieces and nephews to celebrate moms.. just a lovely month! Full of memories, and we are all glad to have our families safe.
May is a colorful month. Flowers, trees, and the sunny blue sky are such inspiring colors.
May is a warm month and folks are out and about in the studio, in the Art District and downtown all day long and late into the evening. It's a great social time.

If you're out, stop in and say "hi!". We're open for the first Friday Gallery Hop in May with new silks, handwovens and more. If you're looking for a scarf, here are some ideas on ways to work the scarf! Hope you enjoy it! It may take a little practice but they are fun!

Hope to see you downtown soon.
We're open our regular hours of Tuesdays 11-3, Wednesdays - Fridays 10-5, Saturdays 11-3, first Friday Gallery Hops, for tours and those special College Sundays, and by appointment.

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