Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fiber Company has new summer hours!
Visit  our shop during our new summer hours on Tuesdays, from 11-3, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11-5, Saturdays from 11-3, First Friday Gallery Hops, special events and by appointment.
We've got some new fine craft in the shop- some new Wendy Lu dolls have come in and boy are they surprised to be here! cute young ladies with all the details in lovely cotton dresses. Not to be confused with the VooDoo dollies and those Demons in the cupboard.

We've been carrying graphite sculptures by A.S. Batle for a few years and he contines to come up with new subjects- this work is such fun. Cast graphite means you can write with it as if it were a big fat penci a hand pencil, snake pencil, flower pencil, bird pencil... as I said, lots of variety in subjects.And one of my personal favorites... the graphite is mixed with a polymer resin that makes it kind of like an m&m- doesn't rub off on your hand. These sculptures last an incredibly long time, are pretty durable *(you really can use them to write and draw!) and it's really rare someone already has one!

We've got some new jewelry in the shop, too. stop in and see the different styles- some are sparkly, some are semi precious stones, we've got metal pieces and more.
If you're lookong for a special summer journal, Sandy Mooney has some colorful ideas- small and large for big ideas or just the start of them.

Olivia has been making some new cuff style bracelets- hard to describe so you may want to come in and see. They have a variety of stones in different sizes and textures with lovely color ways. Check out her website at
After a marathon visit of family, Dee is back in town and always has projects going on- lately she's been crocheting some lightweight shawls.
Kathryn is working on a series of baby blankets- anyone you know need one? now is a good time to get on the list! and some painted warp experiments.
Carolyn has lovely throws in the shop- always great with color and texture, Carolyn's handweaving is soft and admired by customers every time they come in- many folks recognize her work from Piedmont Craftsmen fairs, too.
Jane has been working on her scarf inventory, along with all the other gazillion projects she has going on! One busy woman!
As soon as you step in our doors, Kay's scarves and hats are just to your left. And I see she's put a few things on our sale rack, too.

Hope you get a chance to stop in and cool off, check out our new items, the sale rack and catch up on our projects. Fiber Companyremains a working studio, with our floor looms making suspicious sounds to invite the folks below us!!!! and creating handwoven, handpainted adn hand-dyed textiles  daily.

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