Monday, September 3, 2012

September 25th Anniversary Celebration!

Sale Rack at Fiber Company

September Marks 25 years in the Art District!

And we are celebrating!

Please! Come Join us!

Wow. It is an amazing thing to know you've been doing something for 25 years. And Fiber Company has been a working textile studio for 25 years this month!

There have been some changes in folks that work in the space. I'm sure everyone remembers Linda Phillips and her lovely fluffy coats and much more. She shared her weaving skills with many fiber artists in the area and it is not unusual for those of us working in Fiber Company today to have someone come in and say with pride that they have a Linda coat. That classic design is still so wearable!

There are currently six fiber artists working here now, along with over 40 local artists consigning their individual creations with us. We've taken turns teaching at Sawtooth and other art schools in weaving, surface design, kids classes, arts in-education projects and more fun things. We've always had a great time being a part of the Downtown Art District, too. It's grown from the few shops that started back in the day to the strong part of our local economy it is today. What a trip to end up as part of the City of the Arts from moving our stuff into an old feed store built in the late 1800's to a location known as the "Heart of the Art District"!!!

For the month of September, we're celebrating! So please, stop in, say hi, try on some things, look over our inventory of Fiber Company partners' work and our wonderful local artists and join us in a celebration!

Hope to see y'all real soon!

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  1. Glad to know about 25th Anniversary Celebration. I am also going to host surprise silver anniversary bash for my parents. Have already decided on the theme. It would have a vintage touch with some fairy twist. Now looking for suitable venue NYC. Hopefully, would find that also very soon!