Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New Year of fibers and textures

We've been busy with our projects of painting, felting, weaving and more.

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We have some upcoming workshops, special events planned and yarn sale.
It's a big year for Fiber Company! Thanks for your support. It means a lot.
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy Holidays!!!!

So many projects, so much time!!!

Read the article here!
We are excited to have a lovely article about the Art District that features stories about our origins in the revitalization of downtown Winston Salem, NC!!! You can read it here!

We are thrilled to have been a part of the creative economy and have such a long-standing business. Part of that business is about being friends and working well together. As artists, we tend to have very independent approaches to what we want, how we want it and with what means we intend to achieve this goal. Some have used less creative terms to describe an all-woman run business that creates textiles, jewelry and promotes local artists.

Many of us who have been in this part of the Art District, aka. the "arthood"and have stories about all of our neighbors. (most are good stories, some are UNBELIEVABLE!!) 

I am working up to this.... slowly. One of my favorite quotes for this one is from our fiber friend Tomi Melson saying how we are, and here I paraphrase, all so very lucky to have had Dee in our lives. Dee Connor, our outspoken (as women should be), supportive (you know who you are) honest (don't ask if you don't want to know) and generous (did that guy ever pay back all of the $5 she gave
him?) has passed on. She left our studio a few years ago. We still have some of her weaving. It is kind of hard for me (Kathi) to believe she won't call me and say... what are you doing? I have something to tell you..... and we were off.  She did that pretty regularly. It meant a lot to me and to my family, as did Dee.

Her family wrote such a lovely piece in the Journal and they used one of my favorite photos of our Dee. She is smiling... like Dee can smile. You can read it here. and her son Michael wrote to me that he prefers to celebrate her life rather than mourn her in death. That is probably a very good choice as she has had a very full life with so many stories, you wouldn't believe!!!

I wanted everyone to know that she has passed on, and we miss her and she will always be a huge part of Fiber Company.

And as Dee was fond of reminding me-- FISH DO
you probably know this already, tho!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

More Workshops! More Artists in the Gallery!

We have had a great response to the workshops! Thank you!

New workshops for 2015- ways to stay included in the calendar

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Karen Lawson and Scarf for Workshop

As summer days are shorter, autumn's cool evenings begin and holiday seasons approach, Fiber Company artists- our partners and our consignees -- increase their art and craft to keep up! We will be featuring our artists in more press, so please check in to see what new creative adventures they've taken over the year planning for the holiday season!

Of course you know, small businesses depend on local shopping and purchases. Fiber Company takes special orders, keeps regular shop hours and are open for special events and appointments.
Julie Reynolds' Tree of Life pendant for workshop

Our workshops are a great gift for those who want to learn more about creating their own crafts and art!

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Hope you are enjoying this beautiful year!

See you sooon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Workshops at Fiber Company

Fiber Company is a working studio. Over time we've been asked if we teach workshops here and we have a NEW answer to that question!


Several of our artists and partners have been teaching workshops and classes in other locations and we have re-arranged our space to accommodate a classroom space to offer workshops.

A Leather and Bead Necklace workshop with Julie Reynolds, formerly of Bubbling Well Tea and Bead Bar, will be joining us on July 11 from 1-2:30

A Zentangle Basics workshop with Joanna White (we carry and
LOVE her silks!) will be offered August 8 from 1-4pm.

A Choctaw Elbow Basket workshop with Kathryn Gauldin will be on Satuday, August 29 from 1-3pm.

A workshop with silk Artist Olivia Mackie is planned for September and more

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We are so excited to have these new options to offer in our Studio!!! Please join us and call (336) 725-5277 if you have questions!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holidays at Fiber Company

Fiber Company is a working studio with five fiber artists: Olivia Camden Mackie and her silks plus new jewelry creations, Carolyn Glazener creating handwoven throws, pillows and scarves, Kay Tuttle and her colorful scarves, Jane Doub with jackets, scarves and more and Kathryn Gauldin weaving wraps, scarves and prints on fabric.

Fiber Company also presents over 60 local artists in the studio with new gift items for the holidays! Among these are new felted ornaments, shaggy scarves, pendants, new journals with hand-printed covers, new jewelry and much more. We invite you to stop in and have a look!

Fiber Company has been established in the Downtown WS Art District for over 25 years. When we started at this location, this part of WS was rather barren and not many shops were open. Johnny's Shoe Shop and Earline's Hair Salon, Miller's Variety, artists in Ron and Tamara Propst's building and a few others but many buildings were empty. Times have changed! We have filled buildings, more variety in shops, restaurants and so many more reasons to visit Trade, Liberty and Sixth Streets. We hope that everyone will support this ongoing effort to keep the Art District alive and a great place to shop, visit and hang out!

Please #ShopLocal and support the downtown art district. Our shops are part of a work-in-progress with artists, small business owners, galleries, women-owned businesses and a variety of unique shops.

Happy Holidays !!!! and Thanks for your patronage!

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Loom for Sale
Many of you have stopped in to see how we produce fabrics, embellish, weave on floor looms. Our partner, Dee Conner, is selling her LeClerc Counterbalance loom. Asking price is a firm $700.
This loom needs no repairs, has had new tex heddles put on all four harnesses, has a great tie up (if you've bought these looms before you know that can be a snag!!!) and is ready to weave.

Please give us a call and stop by if you are interested!
Pictures to follow

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Year of the Orchid Horse

For the My Little Pony fans, that could be a great combination!

The Chinese Year of the Wood Horse is rumored to bring prosperity, creativity and quite a few positive things. And we are all about positive things!

This year, Pantone has determined 2014 to be Orchid the color of the year. One of our favorite plants, orchid is a soft purple that can be a great accent for most folks. It is a passionate color and mixing that with the perfect combination of fiber and spin is a lovely contribution to spring, summer and fall, depending on the other colors on the pallet.

At Fiber Company, it is not unusual to see us clustered around a button, a garment, throw, stack of yarn and color samples working to assemble the perfect color combination for this piece of fabric. We often go outside to find full-spectrum light to help assemble color combinations. The changes in season, indoor lighting vs. outside lights and the relationship of warm and cool colors is very important when designing a piece of fabric.

Different people are attracted to different colors depending on their personality types. Dyes that we use change with different yarn spins and types of yarn: bamboo, wool, cotton and silk. Color is a complex

and for us neverending subject of interest for us!

Many of our favorite fabrics are full of texture. Our fabrics are soft, drapable and often combines and layered. We enjoy creating fabrics, combining them and trying new color combinations. After all, when you are involved with such a process oriented fine craft as handweaving, dyeing and painting make it the way you want it to be!!!! When you come in to visit ask us to share the "Weaver's Handshake" .... we always look forward to sharing that one!